BE MOTION S.r.l. was created on the initiative of its current CEO, Mr Enrico Bertocchi.

Born in 1977, he has started to work in the industrial automation field in 1997, right after graduation, and since then he has always been involved in electrical and software engineering of process plants and, subsequently, of automatic machines, more and more performing.

Thanks to the considerable experience gained over the years, at different companies operating in this sector, he has been able to undertake a growing path that has led him to an in-depth knowledge of automatic machines, in particular in the sector of packaging, food & beverage, (…)

The autonomy of work gained thanks to the numerous tests in every part of the world, has allowed him to develop a strong attitude to PROBLEM SOLVING, and to deal with the most varied automation systems, present on the field.

Working for some of the largest multinationals in the automation sector, has also allowed him to refine the aspects related to co-design in team, encouraging the development of cooperation with the technical depts. of the customers, key point to successful projects.

Having decided to make use of this experience, in 2019, he has decided to create an independent business, which has as MISSION the accompaniment of its customers towards an automation increasingly pushed, and more and more aimed at high-level systems, such as object programming and massive exploitation of fast synchronous FIELD BUS