Our geographical location, just outside Bologna, therefore in the middle of the “packing valley”, brings us to have our true core business in the packaging sector. We have developed multiples applications in the FOOD & BEVERAGE, pharmaceutical, tobacco, etc. sectors, exploiting the application know-how obtained from several years of experience at different manufactures of automatic machines.
We deal with the electrical programming, the electrical diagram drawing up, including bill of materials and components definition (SPAC or EPLAN), PLC, MOTION and HMI programming, and testing at the manufacturer and/or the end-user.
Concerning this last aspect, the knowledge of OMAC standards, allows us to approach different applications, within this sector, with a method oriented to have adaptable and scalable software solutions for any type of application. Some examples are vials filling machines, blister machines, vertical and horizontal flowpacks, case packer, trayformers, labelmakers, etc.
A further characteristic of our company is the possibility to supply the same software solutions, tested over several years of development, on multiples software platforms. Having mastery of the programming in structured language and objects management, the code is portable on almost all last generation CPUs, produced by the suppliers of the sector.
Moreover, in this period, we pay particular attention to the programming, both hardware and software, of safety systems to protect the users. We can assist our customers in the choice of components, in order to reach easily the safety PERFORMANCE LEVEL required by their machine.
And finally, in the pharmaceutical field, we know well the procedures to obtain systems compliant to CFR21 part 11 rules, referring to data traceability and safety and electronic signature management.


The intelligent transport of products, being food or other types of manufactured goods, is becoming more and more relevant in the automation of productive lines. Making the product flow constant and efficient, at the entrance of the processing machines, elevates the productivity of the entire line to the highest levels.

In this regard, we can support our customers to design different systems, as for example speed tapes, in order to singularize, align and phase the flow of incoming products to packaging machines, thus reducing to the minimum production holes and product waste. 

We can also develop different systems for the orientation and rows subdivision of bottles for detergents, always designed on hardware systems required by the end-user specifications, up to the complete management of transport lines and glass bottles palletization. In fact, among our customers, we can list the LEADER OEM of the production of these plants

A final mention, in reference to these types of applications, concerns the possibility of managing, autonomously, the programming of various anthropomorphic robots, such as KUKA or ABB. Their placement within object handling lines, is more and more frequent, and we can handle their functioning, even in communication with the PLCs of the various machines.


In this sector, our experience offers several applications in the way of processing raw materials, both in an aseptic environment, and in the selection and processing part.

We have active on-going cooperation in the developing of tomato processing plants, starting from the truck unloading, the selection, the product’s different processing methods (cubed, pulp, concentrated), the sterilization of semi-finished product in aseptic environment and the final filling. 

In this field, we are also involved in the design of plants to process oranges, mangos, pineapples and other types of fruit and vegetables.

There is no shortage of applications for more sensitive sectors, which require smaller machinery, but with higher performances, such for example those required for confectionery (bakery) or chocolates production.

Also in this sector, as in the pharmaceutical one, it is more and more required the application of procedures for achieving systems compliant to the CFR21 part 11 rule, referring to data traceability and safety and electronic signature management. In this regard, we can design HMI software in order to obtain the required certifications.


For some important customers, we have implemented industrial automation solutions for fuel management in ATEX environments, directly managing the electrical design, the control panel execution and the development of automatic operating programs. 

We have also approached the oily transport sector, with some applications to manage big sized motorized valves, which convey the product flow to different transport channels. 

In this field, the main demands don’t concern performances in terms of speed or productivity; instead, efficiency and reliability become fundamental. In this regard, the use of redundant field bus systems grants the data transmission, even at very long distance, with the assurance of the connecting ring. For these requirements, the ETHERCAT BUS, with redundance implementation, is surely the best system in terms of technical response and cost reduction. Our KNOW HOW on this type of technology has been as added value for our customers in the sector.


Not all the possible variations of automation systems can be confined to pre-defined sectors. The field of possibilities, where to insert an automatic system, is very varied: from complex home automation system, to the managing of industrial cleaning systems, up to the automation of devices for the show business

For one of our customers, we have designed and produced a winding/unwinding automatic control device, to be used during companies’ openings ceremonies, to make almost instantly disappear the sheets covering the works on presentation. There are no technical limits: when something has to be automated, we can work on it.


Sometimes, our customers’ demands, in terms of performances, are very demanding. In some cases, it’s not possible to grant, in the immediate, the feasibility of the request, since it is firstly necessary to test the proposed system, to evaluate the capabilities.

In this regard, we can set up test benches, on which we prepare the required hardware, and develop the code allowing us to make all feasibility and functioning tests of the required applications.

Thus doing, apart from avoiding unexpected inconveniences during the machine test, we also reduce the development’s time, since we use on the machine the same code developed for the test bench

Moreover, for an important customer, we have designed real “test stations” for their electrical panels, which are produced in series, thus allowing the definition of a standard and automatic procedure of electrical/electronical test.

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